Social Media Vs Growing Up In The 90's

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Growing up in the late 90’s is very different than growing up today. Back in the 90’s parents were not very interested in what kids were into. Adults and Children had clearly different behavioral and social roles within society. One’s years as a child was often thought to be a unique period when they were allowed to live carefree and enjoy the simpler things in life. Being a child meant not yet needing to worry about bills, work, and other social responsibilities all the while enjoying the security blanket that the adults in their lives served as. In vast contrast, being an adult was very different. There was a lot less glitter and fun as an adult. An adult was someone who worked hard to pay the bills and take care of their kids. Adults were the ones who set the examples that kids would eventually grow to follow. Nowadays, the…show more content…
While social media is good for helping people stay in touch with each other, it also brings out a little bit of narcissism from people. Social media get kids very caught up on themselves. Everything they do has to be advertised on snapchat, facebook, instagram, and many more. Adults gravitate towards social media for the same reasons that teens and kids do. It helps them stay in the know. It makes the feel more in touch with their kids too. It’s no longer just the 15 year old daughter caught up on facebook ignoring her family at the dinner table, nowadays her mother might also be caught up on pinterest too. Even with this upcoming election, the “Presidental” canidates are acting quite immature than typical. They are constantly back and forth with he said, she did. As I am growing older, I have began to realize that these “Professional” people act just like 3 year old toddlers by calling others names and tattle tailing on eachother rather than treating others how they should be treated. As time continues to move on, adults will become more and more like
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