Social Media Website: Myspace Founded by Tom Aderson and Chris DeWolfe

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Myspace was originally launched in August 2003, and was founded by Tom Anderson, and Chris DeWolfe. Myspace was later acquired by a company called News Corporation in July 2005 for about $580 million. Myspace was previously the top social networking site from mid 2005 until early in 2008, Myspace being the top visited social site in the world, in June of the year 2006 it had surpassed Google as the most visited website in the United States. In April 2008, Myspace was surpassed by Facebook with the number of unique visitors worldwide, even though Myspace generated $800 million during the year 2008. Since then, the number of Myspace users has declined even with several redesigns being processed. Myspace has had a huge influence on pop culture and music. It also created a way to play online games which launched the successes of Zynga and RockYou, along with some others online gaming platforms. MySpace’s Developer Platform Myspace set up a developer platform on February 5, 2008, this allowed users to become developers and to share their many ideas and to write their very own Myspace applications. The opening of the developer platform was inaugurated with a workshop at the MySpace offices in San Francisco two weeks before the official launch. “Based on the OpenSocial API the MDP is which was presented in November 2007 by Google to develop and to support social networks and interacting widgets and it can be seen as an answer to Facebook's developer platform. On March 5, 2008 with

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