Social Media, Why People Catfish, And Why Talking Over The Internet

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Since the introduction of the World Wide Web and mainstream use of the internet to access information in 1990, the way people interact with each other has changed. Social media has opened up new mediums for people to communicate with each other. People exchange messages on Facebook, post tweets on Twitter, and “selfies” on Instagram. These new mediums have also changed the way people find romance and love. In this modern era, it is not uncommon to see people dating other people they have met on the internet. This has opened the door for “catfishing”, lying about your true identity on the internet in order to lure someone into a relationship. This has become so common that Molly McHugh of digitaltrends.com4 has described it as an epidemic. This essay will explore how catfishing has developed with the introduction of social media, why people catfish, and why talking over the internet makes it difficult to spot when someone is presenting a false identity. It will also identify the impacts that catfishing has had on society.

Although the idea and methods behind catfishing have become well-known and mainstream since the release of Catfish: the Movie and the resulting television spin-off in which Nev Schulman and his film making friend Max Joseph, in which they travel America uncovering tales of online romance, catfishing has been around since the days of dating phone lines. Recently, this has been reinforced in an episode of Catfish: the TV Show, a reality show based on the true…
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