Social Media and Business Expansion

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Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest present an opportunity to capture the attention of potential customers while constructing a brand image. By creating a Facebook fan page, a company can update followers of the page with updates and information quickly and conveniently. Some companies go as far as to create applications for smart phone users as a way of reaching their audience. People are now connected on a global scale, with social media rapidly growing around the world. It is important to note both the positive and negative effects that social media has had on business, and why we should pay attention to the tour de force that social media has become in the business world. In the article titled, "Negative Effects of Social Media on Business.” author Catherine Lovering sees the use of social media to be unfavorable and adverse to business. According to the article, a business that is accustomed to one-sided selling must adapt and learn to develop relationships with customers who are buying their product. Businesses also must take into consideration the effect that a negative comment or review may have on their success. Responding to these comments might not have a significant enough of an effect if an unsatisfactory review or comment has already been posted, and if it has been passed from website to website. She goes on to add that, “In the world of social media, the sheer numbers mean that once…

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