Social Media and Collaboration

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It wasn’t until the Renaissance, a golden age of rebuilding in Europe, that ideas of change and and prosperity began to flourish. This period of time saw huge advancements in science, art, and literature across the world. Today, hundreds of years later, we are currently in a golden age led by social media. Names like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the socio-economic leaders of modern times, helping to leading the charge of change. As a result, social media as a whole is a beneficial tool for human communication and collaboration. In the 21st century, distance is no longer a limitation of communication with family or friends. Social media can turn a thousand miles into a single click. In fact, today “the lines are clearly blurred” because “our online worlds [have become] an extension of our offline lives”(Pell). It is now possible to speak with “entire networks of close friends much faster than we've ever been able to before” (Brandzel). Sharing pictures of a vacation in the Bahamas, speaking with potential business partners in China, or meeting a new date in town, it’s all possible now with social media. People’s words and thoughts are limited only to the speed of light traveling around Earth. Beyond its use just to communicate, the true potential of social media shines with its ability to allow collaboration.…

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