Social Media and Marketing

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In today’s day and age, many businesses have made use of social media to market their products and brands. Although nearly all of these organizations share a common goal of gaining publicity, the strategies they use to attain that goal varies on different and even on the same social media platforms. In order to gain attention on Facebook, the most popular social media website, companies have to utilize multiple approaches to maximize their yield from such marketing investments. On Facebook, companies have set up third-party applications to enable fans to participate in competitions to win rewards. Snapchat, Google+, and Instagram have also been used by along with Facebook to encourage the participation of customers in spreading the word about certain promotions. Moreover, community service events and the allocation of beneficial intellectual ideas that can both help the world move forward have also been made possible by social media websites such as Instagram and LinkedIn. Third-party applications on Facebook have facilitated the process through which companies have gained awareness for their services. AirAsia, for example, is a low cost Malaysian airline that launched a Facebook campaign to spread the word about their flights being launched to Australia. The company offered their Facebook fans the opportunity to be flown to Kuala Lumpa with 302 other Facebook friends (Taylor). This application became viral and enabled AirAsia to nearly double the number of daily flights
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