Social Media and Sexual Objectification of Women

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Today, we live in a world where women are sexually objectified almost everywhere we look. Halloween used to be fun and all about candy and cute costumes when we were children, but as time goes on, adult women can feel pressured to dress up as something sexy, like a sexy bunny, a sexy doctor, or a sexy tree somehow. In the marketing world, we now see women portrayed as body parts, only having their legs shown in ads to sell the latest designer shoe or their inexplicably wet lips on a billboard to promote an upper lip wax. Even in television and in movies, women are depicted as being very sexual by their actions, dialogue, and “barely there” clothing. Because of an increase in social media, videos from YouTube are being rapidly shared between friends and amongst those videos are their favorite music videos from a popular artist. Music videos have become more and more sexually explicit and include the sexual objectification of women like the rest of our media, no matter what the genre of music is. One has to wonder whether or not this kind of exposure has an effect on men and their sexual beliefs. First, lets explore what is shown in music videos today and how women and men are presented. Music videos now show that women just don’t ever say no to sex and don’t have a preference in men. They will take whoever, whenever. On the off chance they do resist, they give in rather easily, adding to our rape culture and the belief that “no” really means “yes”. Women are also portrayed
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