Social Media and Single Parenting Essay

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Parenting is hard! Being responsible for the development, protection, growth, health, and care for a child is all consuming and at times overwhelming. From sun up until well past sun down, day after day, year after year, the raising of a child is the full time job that never offers a break. Rewarding, of course, difficult, hell yes it is. Single parents face all of the challenges and difficulties of any parent but have to face them without the benefit of partner, a co-parent to help carry some of the burdens. Single parent homes are not a new phenomenon; they are not unique to any one culture, and are increasing in numbers. ("Single-Parent Families ") Single parents by default must do the work of two people; this requires them to be…show more content…
Single parent homes also face some additional difficulties related to task over load, emotional overload, and social connection issues. All of which can lead to stress, depression, anxiety, and loneliness. ("Single-Parent Families ") Parenting is difficult under ideal circumstances; the challenges faced by single parents are multiplied simply because there is only one parent to do everything. ("Single-Parent Families ") Single parents are not absolutely alone though. Family, friends, coworkers, and other parents are available to most single parents, the issue becomes how to connect, and stay connected with these available helping hands. Social media offers a solution to the connection issues and provides a means to learn and even assist with some financial savings. ("Single Mother Statistics")
The phrase “social media” often brings pictures of teenagers typing away on a keyboard or a smart phone, posting pictures on Facebook, or tweeting there every thought. However, social media is more than that. Social media is the flipside of the traditional media model. Social media is a conversation, driven by the participates that is not confined by time, place, boarders, social stigmas, or any other confining factor. Social media is participant driven, the consumers are also the producers and vice versa, everyone can be part of social media, everyone can consume and produce material, everyone can be part of the conversation. This means that single parents can
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