Social Media and the Modern CV: Linkedin Profile Development

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The components include a clear sign of LinkedIn profile development, career goal development using a S.M.A.R.T. format, two short term goals, two mid-term goals and two long-term goals. The report will end with a conclusion that summarizes everything.
LinkedIn Profile Development
The author of this report has developed a profile on the prolific career networking site LinkedIn. The author has fleshed out as many of the profile sections as the author can given the limited career experience that exists at this time. However, the profile lays the groundwork for an expansion in networking ability and skills once work experience starts and begins to accumulate (LinkedIn, 2013).
The sections of the base LinkedIn profile are all worthy of use and the author of this report has taken advantage. These sections include experience, photos, projects completed, languages and so forth. There are even some less traditional sections that can be expounded upon such as publications, organizations, honors/awards, test scores, courses taken, patents, certifications and volunteering (LinkedIn, 2013).
The author of this paper doesn't have much to fill some of those voids, such as experience and patents and stuff like that, but the author can certainly offer things like volunteering, courses completed and test scores. The author will soon be able to add…
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