Social Media as an Effective Marketing Tool

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Social media can be used in very creative ways to market goods or services globally. Conducting business in other countries has been accelerated by various media platforms. Global marketing involves many challenges, and also involves a degree of corporate social responsibility. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, instant messaging, video conferencing, web meetings: These and many other collaboration and social media platforms are now an everyday part of people’s lives around the world. They are also finding their way into global enterprise communications and management strategies. These social media applications and technologies are ready for an even greater challenge—helping companies successfully navigate global business marketing plans.…show more content…
These networks can help employees get information about marketing processes or technologies, share innovative practices and receive answers in timely ways. Organizations have used these innovative collaboration platforms in a variety of ways to encourage effective global workforce enablement, including:
• Videocasts with short learning segments delivered before a new marketing system goes live.
• Live web meetings and telepresence solutions that bring together dispersed teams for a common learning experience.
• User-generated content platforms such as YouTube, which allow staff members to provide short video or audio training segments relevant to the marketing program. One of the critical success factors for managing global marketing programs is engaging employees in the process—helping them to feel ownership in the initiative and tapping into their energy to resolve issues and advance the business. Social media and collaboration solutions allow information to flow in multiple directions rather than just from the top down. For example, using wikis and microblogs—applications for sharing short bursts of information in Twitter-like fashion—organizations can “crowdsource” ideas and involve employees more directly in the marketing program. Organizations can build greater internal loyalty by actively soliciting continuous feedback on issues related to
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