Social Media in the Hiring Process

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A current and somewhat controversial topic regarding the hiring process is employers’ use of social media screening. The most popular sites to be checked are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and now more than ever, companies are looking on the Internet to see if applicants are active on these social media websites (Swallow). Harris Interactive conducted a survey of 2,303 respondents from February 9, 2012 through March 2, 2012 to find out how many companies used social media sites to check on job applicants. The results showed that 37 percent of respondents indicated their companies used social media web sites to check on job candidates. Sixty-five percent indicated they were looking to see if a job candidate appeared professional and 51…show more content…
Another tip is to try displaying “the most professional online image possible.” In order to get a glimpse of one’s image, Jackson encourages job seekers to Google themselves and some keywords from their résumés and see what results come up (Quast). Chirag Nangia, CEO of the social media screening service Reppify, offers advice similar to Renee Jackson’s. Nangia encourages job seekers to try to depict themselves in a manner that would be attractive to the company they want to be a part of. A ZDNet study indicated that British Facebook users are drunk in 76 percent of their photos. It doesn’t take a Human Resources guru to know that this is probably not the best representation of professional behavior (Quast). Finally, a prospective that hasn’t been touched on is that of the applicants. A study presented at the 27th Annual Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Conference in April 2012 shows that employers that use online screening practices may be “unattractive or reduce their attractiveness to job applicants and current employees alike.” The study involved 175 students who applied for a fictitious job they believed to be real and were later informed they were screened. Applicants were “less willing to take a job offer after being screened, perceiving the action to reflect on the organization’s fairness and treatment of employees based on
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