Social Media is Changing the Way People Live

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Social media may seem like a fairly new invention but it has been around for quite some time in different forms. Social media are web sites found on the Internet where people can exchange information in a personal manner or in a very public way. Pictures, statements, blogs, videos and live cast are a few ways social media is reaching out and changing the lives of everyone. People are aware to what is going on around them, they have better networking affiliations, as well as a better understanding of current events, politics and political figures. Social media is causing people to make educated, and better choices. Social media has changed the way people live in many ways. The increase in social interactions and networking are impacting lives for the better through social media. Not only does social Media aid in keeping in contact with extended family and childhood friends but it provides the ability to develop a cliental, and professional alliances. Social media is helping people find jobs, and services to better themselves. People are not waiting for the Sunday paper to highlight potential jobs. People can now send in a resume within seconds, interview over webcam and at times work from home. The way people obtain jobs have changed. Knowing the right people actually pre dates social media, but with social media people are given an advantage with increasing and staying in touch with every person they come into contact with. Rolla decks filled with acquaints’ that haven’t
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