Social Media 's Effect On Modern Life

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With technology increasing at a rate almost too fast to comprehend, having many social media accounts is becoming the norm. It is rare to find a person that does not at least have a Facebook account. These websites affect modern life in many ways including romantic relationships. Social media has detrimental effects on the modern, romantic relationship due to the fact that it makes the process of getting to know someone less personal, it makes it easier for people to be dishonest, and it leads to over analyzing and jealousy. In the beginning of any relationship, romantic or not, stage one consists of getting to know the other person. With social media accounts, this crucial step is less personal by the ease of simply reading an online profile. Before social media, if a person wanted to get know another, they would have to talk to them face to face in order to do so. This is an important part of any relationship because it involves self disclosure that should gradually increase in breadth and depth. As a result of social media pages, self disclosure does not gradually increase in breadth and depth; but rather, all of the information about a person is disclosed at once. This completely eliminates the first and most important stage of a developing relationship. Because of social media accounts, by the time two people meet in person, they feel as if they already know everything about the other. On the other hand, someone could feel as if they know everything about the
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