Social Media 's Effect On Self Esteem

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This paper explores two sources of information that discuss social media’s effect on one’s self-esteem. The sources used are “Social Comparison, Social Media, and Self-Esteem”, an article printed in “Psychology of Popular Media” written by Vogel et al. (2014) and “Facebook Envy: How the Social Network Affects our Self-Esteem” an internet article written by Andrea Shea (2004) found at The sources share comparative information on the widespread use of social networking sites (SNSs), how it is used, and few similarities of how SNSs affect one’s self-esteem. The sources, however, vary in how the information and data was obtained to reach its conclusion. This paper will examine the similarities and differences of each source in relation to social media and self-esteem. Empirical Source Studies versus Popular Psychology:
Does Social Media Affect Self-Esteem
Technology has provided humanity the ability to provide humanitarian aid to countries that have experienced disaster around the world in a matter of hours, the ability to shop for Christmas gifts on-line without leaving the comforts of home, speak to loved ones away from home in an instant, or share vast amounts of information via the internet. People have unprecedented access to information on any subject of their choosing, however, the reliability of that information to be true or accurate is debatable. This paper examines Vogel et al.’s information against Shea’s…
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