Social Media 's Eroding Our Privacy Essay

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Connie Yonn
English 3
Professor Jawad
September 24, 2016
Social Media and U.S Surveillances Eroding our Privacy The emerge of our privacy invasion has mount with government surveillance by the U.S national security system (Baumer, Roth, Epstein, 2014). Government surveillance and social website such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube are source of privacy invasion (Cole, 2015). Connecting to social website to communication with friends, family, and co-worker; sharing, updating news, and information which overcast privacy according to Cole, 2015. Many Americans became occupied to social media and forget to think about the important of confidentiality and privacy. Multiple surges website captured personal profile once information shared with the media. This information became accessible to the public, and privacy can no longer be private that lead to the erosion of privacy (Cole, 2015) In the “Journal of Information Policy 4” Baumer, Roth, and Epstein in 2014 said, “The right to privacy” and “The right to be let alone” is the initial corner stone of civil liberties and legal rights to all Americans. But, today society, privacy isn’t privacy anymore. The meaning of privacy has changed and left to believe that shared information on social website is deeming for invasion. According to Cole, the U.S government surveillance called the Foreign Surveillance Act (FISA) passed into law in 1978 created possible boundless, unrestricted secrets and billions of messages are

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