Social Media 's Impact On Global Business

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Introduction In this essay I will be writing about the Social Media’s impact on Global Business and the changing life lifestyle of human. Later in the essay I will write about the statistics which are showing, how Social media is a future of customer service. In present time social media is one of the most important factor which is impacting global business, now a days there is a revolution happening and there is a significant fundament shift in how we communicate today and social media is touching almost every aspects of our personal and business lives. The growing social media industry is generating jobs and also created a new branch of marketing and education. Millions of people are connected with brands and famous pages through social media platform. People are taking services issues to these pages or channels as their preferred communication source. The feedback in the form of positive or negative are public today and the only real question which arise today is how the companies are going to respond and engage with people. The paper will began by an overview of the social media sector accompanied by its impact on human behaviour. I will then talk a bit about the modern marketing strategies which companies are using through social media. Later on I will describe the Statistics that Show Social Media is the Future of Customer Service. Finally the essay will conclude with my opinion about the impact of social media on today’s business world and human life. Overview of
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