Social Media 's Impact On People 's Privacy

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Marcia Clemmit 's Social Media Explosion is about social media 's impact on people 's privacy, their community activity, and their ability to socialize with real people face-to-face. In the first section of the article, Marcia Clemmit explains how social media breaks the boundaries of privacy by sharing your information online without your knowledge and how social media sells user information to companies (Clemmit 81). Then Clemmit writes about social media 's role in community engagement and how social media changes the way one interacts with their people. People used social media in social situations like the defense of Planned Parenthood and the black lives matter movement (Clemmit 86). Finally, Clemmit concludes with an article about…show more content…
In the modern age, responsibility for adults has been thrown out of the window. Examples of this concept of denying responsibility on the internet are websites of pure anonymity, like 4Chan. Granted, this website is not as popular as websites like Facebook or Twitter, but it has built itself a reputation nevertheless. 4Chan is known on the internet for both its toxic cloud they trail on the internet, with bullying events like “the Fappening”, when a group of people online chose to simultaneously leak the nude photos of either people they knew or celebrities, being commonplace, and for its tendency to drag things into the real world. Although the website was technically not intended to be as such, incidents of murder and child pornography happen on a daily basis. Adults also demonstrate a lack of responsibility with popular trends being horrible exploitations like “Swatting” and “doxxing”. Swatting is finding someone’s address online, usually on a live stream for actual feedback, and reporting a crime that never has or never will happen because of the target. The goal here is to call a local S.W.A.T team to the target’s house for nothing more than a few laughs, and because the entire attack was anonymous, nobody can be held accountable. Doxxing is another example of internet recklessness. Doxxing is when someone, usually a hacker or a bully of the target, figures out another person’s personal information, which can include phone numbers, addresses, or even social
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