Social Media 's Impact On Society

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Say one had the thought of a very good friend that lives far away or somewhere they used to live, and they wanted to reconnect with those people. Well there is a great way to connect with said people, Social media. Through this we can contact people that without it would be next to impossible to contact and much more. Social media, if used correctly, can be a way to connect people socially, impact our society in a positive ways, and help relationships grow from distances. “There are myths about kids spending time online- -That is a dangerous or making them lazy.” According to Mizuko Ito (Social Networking Benefits Validated). By this statement we know that people are concerned about the impacts of social media interaction in our…show more content…
Social media is an important factor in the day and age we live in. According to Lisa Trip, “Learning to communicate like this is contributing to the general circulation of culture.” Because social media allows us to see in others’ lives it tells you what socially is going on in everyone. For example, if one saw something on Facebook about a friend, this is considered the same equivalent as someone telling someone in person when it comes to modern society. As well as getting to know someone. It shows common interest and things that are similar between one person and another, or someone one may not know too well. It shows enjoyed activities, places that a person has been to, history behind who they are, and even moral decisions made by this person from the things they watch and listen to. Social aspects can show exactly what is going on in person’s life and also their standing in modern society. Social media can also be helpful communicating with large masses of people in a simple way. “My friend found himself in a situation where he could use hi skilled to help the movement in Egypt.” Says Ghonim(Egypt’s New Hero). Social media has helped connect people from different countries in revolutions to empower one another. For example the story of a man who used social media to tell people about taking stands in different parts of the country. Social media can be used to make people aware of problem in our society. It helps with knowledge of STDs, safety procedures,
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