Social Media 's Impact On The Way We Live Essay

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Social media has had a great influence on the way we live and go about our businesses because of the transformation it has brought about in the way people interact with one another. Various social media platforms have come up and continue to be established hence they have eased the way people connect in the world made it easy for people to stay connected. One can be quite amazed at a vast usage of Facebook, the Sims, Club Penguin, Twitter, Vine, MySpace, YouTube, Second Life and MySpace for communication and entertainment. According to O 'Keeffe and Clarke-Pearson, in a recent research, 22% of teens venture preferred social media spots not less than ten times a day and this is majorly cell phones (800). Through social media platforms, individuals who are at a distance connect with their friends and families cheaply and are able to share great amounts of information. Besides, one can share photos, videos, business ideas and goods with the loved ones, friends and potential clients. Businesses are also shifting from conventional promotions to social media way because of the great following it has. The popularly used social media platforms for this purpose include Facebook and Instagram as they readily available computers, phones, tablets, ipads, and iPods. Although Kelly Wallace the author of the article “The upside of selfies Social Media isn’t all bad for kids” thinks that social media is good, I don’t. Therefore, I am trying to persuade her on while I think social media is
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