Social Media 's Influence On Today 's Generation

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Social Media’s Influence on Today’s Generation Amidst today’s society it is hard to imagine that just fifteen years ago people actually communicated by email, and even that was uncommon. Now everybody is in constant communication with people from social media, and the new highly advanced technology that is constantly being created. Experts predict that by 2020 the world wide information base will double every seventy three days (Online Social Networking p.g 6). Basically all the advanced technology and resources are going to get worse than what they already are. People spend more time on their cellular devices then they do experiencing the actual world and what is presently around them. Social media is becoming dangerous, and is something that people, especially today’s generation, need to spend less time on. Even though people spend too much time on these devices, supporters say that they can be useful in some criterias. The internet is great for resources when trying to figure something out because one can easily just look it up on google. However, people are relying so much on the simplicity of the easy access to answers that they need, they do not know how to figure things out without the internet; and people get frustrated when they can not get their answer within five minutes. Others claim social media opens up the world to us, and allows us to be in contact with people globally and that it widens our friend circle. Nonetheless, if people are solely focused on…
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