Social Media’s Effects on Modern Information Processing Essay

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The introduction of social media into the world of information represents a massive shift on the landscape of information processing. Social media promises what industrial media can’t: a public voice, not just for experts, but for everyone. I believe that social media has made three important changes to the way humans handle information. First, it has changed who produces the world’s information. Second, it has changed the process by which information is formed. Finally, it has actively encouraged the creation of highly dynamic and fluid information. Common to all forms of social media is the notion of consumer generated media. Since social media is defined as a form of communication (a medium over which information can be transferred), I…show more content…
LinkedIn, another social networking site, has demonstrated that social media influence isn’t restricted to just casual communication, but professional communication as well. LinkedIn provides an easy way to find and connect with people on the professional side of your social life. Once again, you don’t need to know how to make a fancy portfolio in Adobe flash or how to publish web content to gain an online public presence. You just have to sign up and send out friend requests. A question worth asking is why Facebook fails, for the most part, at connecting work colleagues while LinkedIn succeeds at it. To answer that question, I turn to Papacharisi: Facebook emerged as the architectural equivalent of a glass house, with a publicly open structure which may be manipulated (relatively, at this point) from within to create more or less private spaces. On the contrary, LinkedIn and ASmallWorld employ their own architecture to define these allegiances for their members. (Papacharissi 215) In short, Facebook is too publicly open to transfer professional oriented information, while LinkedIn privacy standards are specifically designed for this type of information transfer. LinkedIn combines the public profile and search feature of social networking with the privacy of traditional e-mail. Just as Facebook changed the way people

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