Social Media's Negative Impact On Young People

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Nahla Odish Professor Freeman ESL 119 28 Nov. 2017 Social Network’s Negative Impact on Young People? Social Network has become an essential part of life for many young people. Teenagers have engaged on social network sites without stopping or thinking how long time they spend on it, or how could this affects them. Teenagers can access any site such as Facebook. Some researchers believe that social media has negative impact on young people. Others suggest that social network sites are useful for students. Social network sites have a dangerous impact on young people by making them have anxiety and lower grades in their schools as well as by being cyberbullied and lacking interpersonal skills. Social network sites make teenagers have anxiety and lower grades in their schools. According to the researcher Larry D. Rosen, Ph. D, those teenagers who are very active on Facebook show a sign of psychological disorder, making them prone to anxiety, depression. They also did not have good grades in their schools because social sites are a distraction for students. That means social network sites such as Facebook could badly affect teenagers. For example, my son Kevin, 15 years old, was very smart and kind. Last year, my husband and I got him a cellphone, so he had access to social network sites such as Facebook. He created an account and started to spend a long time on it. After a while, he became a very active Facebook user. After two months he had anxiety when he left
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