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Tabitha West The Social Mirror Assignment 1. What would others say about you that is generally positive? Friends would actually say I am very kind hearted, loving, and caring. I take care of my family and protect the ones that I love. I try my hardest to please everyone but I get stepped on. My sister would say I am to kind for my own good but I am a hard worker and I do not give up very easily. 2. What “constructive suggestions” would others offer to help you improve or change? My sister would offer me a back bone, to stand up when need be especially to my family, also more of what she would call a better leg to stand on. My friends say they like me for who I am and would not change it at all except better taste in men. 3. What…show more content…
I have very few friends, well 2 that I trust and can talk to. 7. Since it is possible – perhaps even likely – that these weaknesses or limitations are more imagined than real, what could you do to turn them into strengths? No because it would become a down fall. People would think you are a people pusher or a suck up because you keep going or even someone no matter how hard you push them they will keep going. 8. Who could help you make these changes or give you feedback about your progress? My therapist is the only one that I could see help with my changes or give me feedback, not a lot of people are in my shoes, I am sure they are but they have not lived the life I have or have the stress issues I have or have been doing for a while now. 9. Were any questions more difficult to complete than others? Which ones and why? No not really. 10. What did you learn about yourself in this exercise? I learned that I have major issues. Lol. I know I have a lot of working to do on myself but I have not given up and neither have my kids so I am still a work in progress just got to keep on moving and never look back on what happened only on what is in my
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