Social Model: Small Relation To Person With Dementia

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Social Model - Oppression and discrimination have greater negative impact, it sees a person’s impairment as only one factor in their life, it involves people with dementia in decision making and points in making changes to the environment, so that environment is suitable for wide diversity found within society. Small relation to person with dementia for case study!!!!! Medical Model – Assumptions are based on diagnosis, the discovery of causes and symptoms and how you treat those problems to eliminate (ie) Diseases. Therefore, medical model solution in dementia lies within the field of taken medicine. Small relation to person with dementia for case study!!!!! Irene having dementia has had an impact on her life chances and events in her life, also with her family environment.…show more content…
The importance of person centred approach towards Irene is focusing on her and not the dementia, remembering she has a fulfilling personal past and a unique method to life. To be thinking of her feelings, and allowing this to govern how we respond. It also means supporting Irene to do as much as possible for herself to make a difference to her quality of life by how we treat her as an individual. Irene can have many moments of happiness with having dementia, by showing her respect and kindness – this helps compensate for the disabilities dementia brings. The National Care Standards set for Irene is her rights of receiving safe, high quality care that reflects her needs and protects her rights, to treat her as an individual with dignity and respect and for her to be accepted and listened to, encouraging her to make her own choices and not imposing in her own routines or imposing my own thoughts of routines for her as this may lead to challenging behaviour. Confidentiality and privacy always. For a better
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