Social Model of Disability

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. Critically consider the implications for a person with an impairment condition and the opportunities for them to become a member of an inclusive society. This piece of work will try and address the issues surrounding a person who is diagnosed with HIV and the inter-related condition AIDS. The essay will begin with an outline of what HIV and AIDS actually is. Once diagnosis has been confirmed, then a brief discussion on the treatment and delivery and the differences between the social and medical model will address how the individual is treated in relation to health care. Key issues surrounding a work place or educational environment and generally the discrimination they face from different aspects within society will be discussed…show more content…
According to Weitz (1991), a large scale survey carried out in the U.S.A found problems facing an individual who is HIV positive or diagnosed with AIDS face discrimination largely down to ignorance from people who just simply do not understand how it can be spread or how the individual may have contacted the disease in the first place. Johnstone p.126 (2001) points out that within the U.K there has been a shift away from “bigoted public attitudes” but the stigma remains which is largely down to how the media portray the illness. Legislation such as the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 was introduced to eliminate discrimination towards disabled people in areas of employment, education, accessing facilities, goods or services and the managing, buying or renting of land or property. Parts of it became law in December 1996, and other parts have been introduced over time. For example, within organisations and businesses it became unlawful for employers to treat disabled people less favorably than other employees for a reason in relation to their disability. Reasonable adjustments have had to be made for any person with a disability, such as making changes in service provision or providing extra help since October 1999. Premises have also had to ensure any adaptations to allow access for disabled people were implemented
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