Social Movement : A Social Organization

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A social movement is a campaign that is loosely organized but sustained in supporting a common social goal, either the prevention or implementation of a change in the values and culture of a society. Social movements are essentially collective even if they have differences in their sizes. A key question on this is the features that make this campaign be categorized as being a movement. One thing is that a social movement is not a crowd that is merely perpetuated, due to the fact that an organization does not have the motivational and organizational mechanisms of membership sustenance through periods of waiting and inaction. In addition, mechanisms of a crowd cannot be relied upon so as to achieve coordination and communication of activity …show more content…

Social movement criticism aims at achieving rhetorical behavior. This criticism is important in that it assesses the way a social movement is able to achieve the goals it has set. In addition, it is important as it assesses if a social movement is working according to the guidelines set the social movement. Different authors have different ways of defining a social movement. Hopkins and Reicher defined social movement as a large crowd which is organized purposely to resist or promote some social change. Cox and Christina viewed a social movement as a collective enterprise designed purposely to create some order in life. In addition, Johnston described a social movement as an organized effort, on excluded groups who are aimed at resisting or promoting changes in the societal structure. Lastly, Gregg described a social movement as large at times informal groups of either organizations or individuals which are focused on certain social or political issues where they resist, undo or carry out a social change. As seen above, each of the four authors has a different way of giving a definition to a social movement. The first definition lacks the idea that a social movement can either be formal or informal. Comparing it with the second definition, it is better because the second one does not come out clearly to a person who is new to the idea of social movements. Use of the term “enterprise” makes it sounds like a

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