Social Movement And Protest By Gemma Edwards Essay

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Throughout history there have always been two sides, the oppressor and the oppressed. Either because of their social class, their skin color or geographical location, however those being oppressed have found an alternative solution to end their oppression, through social movements, such as the Civil Right movement and the Arab Uprising. Sociologists have looked at these movements, to understand how these people can overthrow an oppressor in such a weak position. They do this by applying theories such as collective behavior, resource mobilization, political process and new social movement theory, these theories are also applied in current movement such as Black Lives Matter and ones occurring on college campus. People have come together as a collective being in order to demonstrate collective behavior for the matter at hand, such as oppression again a group of minority. CB looks at these behavior that group of people demonstrate during a movement/protest, most of the time these behavior or framed as violent and wild, in the book “Social Movement and Protest” by Gemma Edwards CB is described into forms as irrational and wild behavior consume by emotion of the matter at hand or as behavior that are rational. Edward mentions this through Herbert Blumer and Neil Smelser, Blumer explains that collective behavior is used to understand how people come together due to their grievances and social problems in order to mobilize them. He says that people’s “emotions take over and

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