Social Movement And The Industrial Revolution

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There have been several social movements in history that have impacted the world. Groups of people have come together and tried their hardest to make a difference in unresolved problems and issues. It is hard to make a difference as an individual trying to change something big, it becomes easier when you find people who have the same beliefs as you and will fight for it along your side. This is social change, and normally comes about through collective behavior and social movements. Social change is a significant change in behaviors and cultural values and norms. For example significant changes that have occurred in the past are the abolition of slavery, the changes put into action after 9/11, the feminist movement, and the industrial revolution. As I mentioned early social change occurs through both collective behavior and social movements. Collective behavior is a voluntary activity that many people take part in to change norms and values of the people around them. Collective behavior can be seen in many different ways. For example, there can be crowds, masses, panics, mobs, riots, fads, public opinion and fashion. An example of this would be when Cooper Tire in Findlay Ohio went on strike in order to get a new contract with better medical benefits. The workers walked off one morning and stood outside of the factory. Social Movement is an organized group that works together to promote or resist change through action. There are many different types of social
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