Social Movements And Collective Action Essay

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INTRODUCTION: Theories regarding social movements and collective action are precisely significant and valuable. They allow us to describe and explain such movements- how they form and organize, their agendas, the extent to which mobilization or counter-mobilization process succeeds or fails in different situations, and how they evaluate strategies and policies in the light of specific outcomes. Self-evidently, the terms and perceptions and the dialogue that we bring to bear must be in coherence with the particular social movement that we are studying. Theories neither ascend nor activate in an empty space, they have an itemized background behind their emergence and they are revolutionized in response to the realities of the subject-matter. As a result of the writings and research there has been a lot of debate regarding diverse perspectives of various researchers. Advances and defense of the existing school of thoughts were also presented along with the emergence of new school of thoughts altogether. Comprehensive research related to social movements is being conducted not only in the field of social sciences, but also in politics, communication and history. The purpose of this chapter is to review some of the theories of social movements. The theories that we have discussed are Mass Society Theory, Marxist theory, Relative Deprivation Theory, Resource Mobilization Theory and Framing theory. An analysis on the application of these approaches in certain situations, the
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