Social Movements And Its Effect On Society Essay

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A phenomenon which has remained constant throughout history is the evolution of society. This persistent phenomenon helps to constantly reshape society. Helping mold it into a suitable form that caters to the needs of those who inhabit it. The evolution of society may take years, if not decades, to occur. However, during certain moments in history, society has undergone rapid change in short periods of time. These rapid periods of change are often caused by undesirable events that influence the general population to revolt and act against those in control of society. Often motivating the mobilization of the public in great numbers to protest . Frequently, the main objectives of these protests are to improve upon aspects of society or to revise the state of society entirely. Generally, in hopes of promoting society’s development to the benefit of the masses. These large-scale gatherings of the population to alter society for the better are known as Social Movements. These movements help to gather vast numbers of like-minded individuals who wish to change the methods used to operate society. Often these movements target those in positions of power, in hopes of influencing them to act upon the state of society. Social movements themselves have occurred frequently throughout the history of society. Some movements succeed, influencing power holders into action in regards to the condition of society, achieving their main purpose. Other movements; however, seldom procure enough
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