Social Movements Created by Mexican Americans

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Many young men of African American descent wore suits that had exaggerated shoulder pads, pegged trousers that were very tapered at the ankles, oversized coat, long dangling key chain and wide brimmed hats, this style is called the Zoot suit. According to the fashion reader, Cosgrove states that “ The word Zoot means worn or performed in its’ lavish style when, most jazz musicians wore, zoot suits on stage like, a famous jazz performer Cab Calloway.” Cab Calloway had inspired many of the young African Americans and Hispanics during his performances, which later changed to a form of expression on individuality, freedom and rights.

During the 1940’s, many Mexican Americans moved into the city of Los Angeles, the city that was established by their ancestors. Though, there were harsh discriminations
In the Mexican communities, were taught as second-class citizens in America, because of their low paying agriculture or labor jobs. Mexicans still kept it traditional, conservative and self contain, as for the first generations, many of their hard working parents watched their own children ventured out to learn the aspects of the American culture at the time. It led to them learning the new slang's, the music, and fashion.

In the summer of 1942, the growing popularity of zoot suits began to concern the War Production Board officials wanted to conserve the textiles for military use. When the…
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