Social Movements In The United States

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Social Movements
Social movements are organized attempts, or efforts to bring change in the established institutions in a society based on common interest and goals. Social movements are very crucial to everyone since it has the power to bring change which affect people’s lives. For instance, the abortion-rights movement is a significant issue today. Everywhere in the media, you will find people debating whether women should have legal access to obtain abortions in the United States. I believe this movement is a problem that everyone has put their mind to. Everyone on Facebook often expresses their opinion about this movement, some agree that it should become legalized while others oppose to this idea because it is against their religious beliefs. In my opinion, this movement is tragic yet I think I can’t force other women to do something they don’t want just because we don’t share the same ideals, this problem has become incredibly ambivalent to me, it caused me to grow more interest in it because as a woman it involves my rights as well. I believe that every woman has the right to do as she wishes with her body unless it negatively affects everyone around her. I think the law nor the government should not prohibit a woman to undergo an unwanted or risky pregnancy if she doesn’t want to. It is a terrible thing for a woman to consider it, but in
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Men as often perceived as masculine and unemotional thus, having men to participate and speak about the pros and cons about abortion and provide with statements of women who they dated or known that has had an abortion. Also, another technique to increase the power of this strategy is to get more women to speak about their experiences and how different their lives would have been if they never had an abortion. More women speaking about their own abortion experiences may change the public view of the
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