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My viewpoints on social networking
Hello, Good morning,honorable judges,ladies and gentlemen! it is my a great honor for me to be here to share with you some of my viewpoints about social networking here . Social working is about people engaging with people(社交网络是关于人与人的互动的). As highly social animals, we human beings have always been interdependent and interactive. No man is an island, and you can’t live in a vacuum (没有人是孤立的,也没有人生活在真空中). Rather than remaining among our family from birth to death, we venture out. We spend our days mixing with great numbers of unfamiliar members of our species. Therefore, for human beings social networking is a way of life and a state of being. (对人类而言,社交网络是一种生活方式和一种存在状态). Concerning almost
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To begin with, the first thing that should be taken into consideration is honestyhonesty is the best policy sinceas most people are more willing twe all o want to make friends with those people who are genuine sincere and kind-hearted rather than with those who appear to be friendly with their soft wordssweet talk(甜言蜜语). butThe latter (后者) may cheat or even betray or cheat on their friends some day. Another important point that should be born in mindSecondly, it always helps to be humble and respectful (前辈和尊重他人永远都有益处). That is to say we need to is that we ought to show respect for others under any circumstances, , which requires usis to be tolerant and polite. In a specific term For instance, even if no matter how much you disagree strongly with others’ opinion, at least you still have to let them finish listen to them rather than interrupt them their talk abruptly(唐突地) impolitely. Good manners show others that you truly care about them and consider their feelings. Decent behavior will win you more friends. Good manners shows that you are well-educated and considerate, which can Most important of all, basic social skills and good relationships are the key to a harmonious society. Facing fierce narrow the distance between you and others. What deserves most attention is that since the comcompetition in almost all aspects of social life, in every aspect of life we tend to be self-centered and care only about our own gains and losses (只考虑自己的得失). The
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