Social Network Theory And The Bull Between Creative Vision And Financial Vision

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The marketplace is essential for trade, living, recreation and the economy; formulating human society it is essential for sustainable living (Public Markets as a Vehicle for Social Integration and Upward Mobility, 2003). For the purposes of this paper, it will be argued that the creative marketplace is the most complex of all, the most difficult in which to succeed as a seller or navigate as a consumer because creative goods are essentially symbolic and experiential. There will be a number of other aspects which will be addressed that substantiate this claim; including but not limited to; risk, social network theory and the bull between creative vision and financial vision. A number of examples will be referred to within this piece of writing in order to highlight this argument, with the academic works of Potts, Cunningham, Hartley and Ormerod (2008), Hartley (2008), Gloor (2008) and Hirsh (1972) strongly referred to to complete the discussion.

It has been argued that all marketplaces are complex social constructs based on meeting needs and creating desires. To firmly understand and to discuss the above statement, one needs to establish a sound understanding of what ‘complex’ is. The Oxford Dictionary defines the concept of ‘complex’ as something that consists of many different parts, and is difficult to grasp meaning or decipher from. (Oxford Dictionary, n.d.). Thus, something that is complex is considered intricate, complicated and not well defined. The ideology…
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