Social Network and Its Impact in Our Lives

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Social Networking: Caught Up In The NET Facebook, Instagram, MySpace, Twitter, Snapchat…and the list goes on! Social networking is something that everyone has heard of, no matter their age. Whether you are young or old, you know what is going on in the social networking world in one way or another. Social networking, just as any other topic, has both positive and negative factors. When weighing the odds, you see a difference of positives and negatives within each person and their network and how it has changed our society. Because our society is becoming more and more technology based, I think it is crucial that you value what social networking entails. Are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat your “friends”? Social networking is literally turning into a lifestyle for many, which has developed a negative feel for it in some situations. Everyone is always on it, around it, and finding information through it. To some, it is a concern if being so wrapped up in the social networks will affect the social life of younger generations. Many do not want to see this generation have the inability to communicate face-to-face as we grow up. Social networking can become an addiction; whether it is time taken away from family, friends, school, work, church, and society as a whole. Statistics show that children ages 8-18 spend at least 54 minutes a day on some social networking site (Rideout, Foehr, Roberts). It is a challenge to converse with individuals in a public
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