Social Networking: “How Does It Affect My Life?”

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Nowadays, social networking has been taking a big part in our lives especially through the existence of gadgets that helps us to access programs such as; twitter, Face book, MySpace and many more. Did you know that fifty-four percent of companies prohibit the use of social networking, but fifty-seven percent of employees admit to using social networks during work time for personal use? And twenty percent of all divorce cases are directly caused by Face book. Complaints about inappropriate conversations, or just plain jealousy between couples, end a marriage that could’ve blossomed into a new family tree. People who live in the same household can’t even talk to each other anymore. Do u parents realize that if you want your child to come to…show more content…
Therefore it’s easy for the bully to say harsh things to the victim since they have no visual contact with each other. From this bullying, it can lead to huge things as in death threats, or hurting people in real life. People who become the victims of this bullying will feel hurt, unprotected, unsafe, not confident and make them couldn’t talk to anyone about how they feel. Social networking sites also give the opportunities for people to commit crimes by creating scams that is open for anyone to join, either for good or bad reasons. They can create fake accounts, and use them to be someone else and make people believe they are someone they are not. Not only that, some people use accounts to steal money from others. While other people have been assaulted before and it’s unsafe to talk or even meet up with someone that they know from social networking sites. Instead of the bad impacts social networking gives us, there are also many good impacts that benefits us in our daily lives. It allows us to connect with new friends, reconnect with old friends, and even gain important ties with contacts that are important to our jobs. It gives us a chance to express ourselves, and share our interests with legitimate friends. Something that has come up recently, is how police are able to track down criminals, or report crimes such as theft, underage drinking, and drug

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