Social Networking : A Social Network Essay

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Social Network is all around us. So what exactly is a social network? Social network is either personal or business which allows users to interact with others by way of messaging, remarking, or just plain posting. Although there are many forms of this technology, we primarily hear about the common social network known as Facebook. Some other social network includes Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. My research of social networking it was more geared towards the Facebook era. I was a bit surprised of the information I uncovered and what I learned during my review. I wanted to discover how the social technology worked. There are so many areas to focus on, but when using social networks, we have to remember to be cautious about the use of social network, the experience, and even the ethical issues.
In “Introduction to Digital Literacy” Mark Bowles discusses the different types of social networking. Social networking started with Web 2.0. He explains how this technology was created to share information with others with the intention of others to view (Bowles, 2013). Some of the beginning of online technology is known as blogs and Twitter accounts. Soon after this, Facebook was introduced, and it seemed to take the lead in the social network industry. Those who use Facebook can share information, blog, and even find old friends. Facebook is one of the largest social networks we have, but we also have Google+. Google+ is similar to Facebook. However, there
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