Social Networking And Its Effects On Society

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When we hear the word “social networking” what comes to mind is: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace, OoVoo and so on. While accessing these trendy resources, we can interact with others by messaging, video chatting, live streaming, instant chatting and overall fast pace communication. Society as we know it has evolved tremendously in regards to the way we communicate and interact with one another. There is a significant difference between the way we used to get in touch with our families and friends in the past, versus now a days where we can reach them at the flick of a finger. There is major concern arising about the dangers of social networking and the media on society. Because of Cyberbullying, lack of traditional personal…show more content…
Everyone get to have the opportunity and satisfaction of being a friend to someone or making friends with a group of people. We must sincerely take a step back and ask ourselves, at what cost do we get this easy access of making friendship? At the cost of befriending new people, without actually putting in the necessary work and actions to build the foundations of that friendship (Q. Ta, Jenny 20014). Most of these new friends that are being made every day are people that we cease to even meet face to face during our lifetime. Some of these friends just remain behind the screens which we view them, and we never even get to socialize out in public with those set of people that we befriended. There is a major concern for the children population and adolescents all over the world in regards to social networking. Minors can have access to a wide ranging digital world all from the bases of their computer and handheld devices. The major networking sites such as Facebook along with the others offer a portal for entertainment and linkage to meeting new people and friends. The risk and hazard for potential child molesters, rapist, and murderers reaching the children have grown to sky rocket measures in recent years (Paediatrics & Child Health Page 301). Due to this major reason, it is highly important that
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