Social Networking And Its Effects On Society

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Social networking is an online community of people with a common interest who use a website or other technologies to communicate with each other and share information and resources, according to Webster. There are countless social networking sites that make it possible to establish connections between people. Some of the most popular sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. These social sites make it easier for people to find and communicate with others that share the same network. Although social media leads people to have more interaction and promotes long-distance relationships, it has a lot of negative qualities that tends to drive people to do thing they wouldn’t normally do. When people put an excessive amount of personal information on a profile, it gives predators and bully’s the opportunity to attack them. Many of the users are addicted to social media and they become isolated by using these sites. Social networking must be used in moderation, especially since it leads to several significant negative effects on society. Do you ever wonder how social networking became so popular? Social networking began when the first email was sent out in 1971. The forerunner to today’s social networking sites is America Online (AOL). AOL was the first way people created profiles and utilizing chatrooms. The chatrooms were categorized, for example “Teens 20-24 only”, and people went to these chatrooms to meet people. The fad of chatrooms slowly faded away and integrated
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