Social Networking And Its Effects On Society

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Nowadays everyone has accounts on multiple social networking sites and they spend a lot of time on updating the developments in their daily life and uploading various media like pictures and videos. People really enjoy doing this kind of activity, to be able to communicate with their friends, family members, and also meet new people. For certain people who use social networking as a marketing forum, this is an effective method. However social networking comes with its own share of negative effects on people. It is indeed true that the way social networking revolutionized the communication channels and brought thr world closer but one should also be wary of its ill effects. A general assumption is that communication technologies help to increase and strengthen social ties. (Cheryl L. Coyle, 2008). Addiction People are getting addicted to using the social networking even to update mundane things in life. Jerry ruined his life because of his addiction to such sites. Soon he lost his job and his family too. This made him ask himself if there was something wrong about social networking. This eventually led to the founding of Media Addicts Association (SMAA). It is a forum that helps people share their stories and help them overcome their addiction to social networking sites as Facebook and Twitter (Das, 2011). The amount of impact that social networking has had on people is emphasized by a survey which revealed some astounding results 56% percent of the US citizens check or log
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