Social Networking And Its Impact On The 21st Century

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The behaviour of consumers has transformed throughout the 21st century, from the desire of ownership to the emergence of temporary admission of utilisations (Belk, 2013). With the introduction of collaborative consumption, it has endorsed the sharing assets among products and varieties of services (Hamari, Sjoklint and Ukkonen, 2015). Airbnb and Uber are the commonly known examples which demonstrate how people share mobility and accommodation, with further innovation, purchased and second hand goods can be swapped through Swapstyle or ReSecond (Hamari, Sjoklint and Ukkonen, 2015). This essay will explore how the sharing economy has sustainably supplied the consuming options in assets, which saved money and time. Additionally, it has a range of democratising effects in response to strike equality between individuals, enhancing people’s quality of life. Social networking has played an important role in communication as well, bounding the community with the enlightenment of different media, and has established promises and trusts between sellers and consumers. Arguably, advocates of the sharing economy have somehow believed that the main contribution is environmental sustainability (Harald, 2013). However, the concern has addressed the demands from consumers in return, on grounds of the trend of an eco-friendly lifestyle. Moreover, many cases have pointed out the loopholes in regulations may harm the benefits of consumers, nevertheless, legal matters do exist to…
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