Social Networking And Its Impact On The World

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In 2011, Snapchat grasped the attention of millions of smartphone users across the world. Consumers were ecstatic for the launch of the very first social networking application that would allow people to send pictures and short videos, to a controlled group of people, for a few seconds before they disappeared and never surfaced again. Snapchat was the first application that established the idea of impermanent content, which gave consumers a sense of security when sending content to others. This was until a group of hackers found a way to hack into Snapchat servers, leading to the company’s first breach by publically publishing user data on the Internet. Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy, undergraduate students and Kappa Sigma…show more content…
He found calmalty in college. At a young age Evan Spiegel established a passion in developing and creating software. Evan developed a key talent for building relationships easily, with the right people who would allow him to find better career opportunities as a student at Stanford University. According to FORBES, some of Spiegel’s early career experience arouse from working with Intuit’s CEO, Scott Cook and developing a website with Murphy Brown a year before the launch of Snapchat. The idea for Snapchat, formerly known as Picaboo, was developed as a product development project for a university course and was brought to light while discussing the topic of “sexting” with close friend, Frank Reginald (Reggie) Brown. In the summer of 2011, before the launch, the three fraternity brothers worked on the project at Spiegel’s father’s home. Each member played an imperative role in the creation of Picaboo. Chief Executive Officer, Evan Spiegel, designed the user interface and helped with many aspects of developing Snapchat. The three decided that Evan would be the CEO based on his previous experience. Chief Marketing Officer, Reggie Brown created the app’s ghost logo, “Ghostface Chillah” and came up with the initial idea of creating a disappearing picture message application.
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