Social Networking And Its Impact On The World

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In 2011, Snapchat grasped the attention of millions of smartphone users across the world. Consumers were ecstatic for the launch of the very first social networking application that would allow people to send pictures and short videos, to a controlled group of people, for a few seconds before they disappeared and never surfaced again. Snapchat was the first application that established the idea of impermanent content, which gave consumers a sense of security when sending content to others. This was until a group of hackers found a way to hack into Snapchat servers, leading to the company’s first breach by publically publishing user data on the Internet.
Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy, undergraduate students and Kappa Sigma fraternity brothers of Stanford University, became the founders of the highly popular application; Snapchat. Evan Spiegel, the youngest of three children, grew up in a well-established family of lawyers in California. The Spiegel’s enjoyed the most luxurious aspects of life including their million dollar home, lavish cars, exclusive club memberships and regular trips throughout the year. John Spiegel ensured that the children would learn how privileged their lives were by helping others in the community through church, where they passed out food and built houses for the poor. Evan experienced an emotional downturn after his parents divorce in 2007. The hardships of his parents splitting, including the lawsuits about finances and custody…
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