Social Networking And Relationships : Comparing Business Models

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Nicole Van Cleve LEAD 861 Megan Church-Nally June 18, 2016 Social Networking and Relationships: Comparing Business Models to Education Models In a society where we spend more time with the people we work with than our own families, Social Relationships in the workplace could not be more important. In order for our work to feel satisfactory we must connect and maintain social relationships and networks. Social communication is almost as important in the workplace as the actual work itself is. It is getting harder and harder to be able to separate social and work relationships. This is why we must examine how to maintain these things because ultimately the success of our work is highly effected by it. In Organizational Communication in an…show more content…
The fate of the company or school depends on the relationships of the people within it. Historically however, as the book points out, these types of relationships have not always been the case. Work places used to have a much more impersonal feel. Company relationships used to be much more formal and follow procedures like were demonstrated in the parliament. Companies were stricter and there were more rules to follow. Now we are spending much more time at work than in previous decades. This is also true for teachers, who are expected to take on extracurricular activities. Teachers often say that they spend more time with other kids than they do their own. Within organization there has also been a much bigger move to team like structures. With this however, due to the technology available, there has been a much larger increase in workplace diversity and globalization. Within organizations it has become the norm that you have constant conversations with people in other states and even other countries, which in return has taken relationships to a whole new extreme. Within relationships and networks people can interpret things many different ways. This is why people within the group must come to an understanding of others. Things such as connection, openness, novelty, and equality are all things that people hope to achieve within a relationship. Relationships are complex which is why there must be a shared understanding of the
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