Social Networking And Social Media

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As time passes, the world is becoming better due to the invention of new technologies such as social networking sites and social media (Boyd & Ellison 2007). Boyd and Ellison explained that it is an online website which provides entertainment that allows individuals to communicate with friends or meet new people with similar interests. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc are the examples of social networking sites. The word “friend” has a wide range of definition which can be defined as an individual who you do not have any hatred feelings towards them. According to HelpGuide[HG](n.d.), friend plays an important role in everyday lives. The benefit of having friends around is that they give happiness, encouragement and companies through difficult times which reduces stress and tiredness. Acquaintances, colleagues, parents and strangers can be considered as friends. “Facebook friend” may be found in one of these sections (Quora 2014). Shear social media(2010) explained that a “Facebook friend” can be defined as someone whom you may or may not know in real like who has sent a friend request to your social networking site. They can be our close friends who we have been contacting all the times or long lost friends from college. However, some people are just a “Facebook friend” who have added people just to increase their popularity (Shear social media 2010). According to SingleBlackMale[SBM](2014) as people grow older, then tend to realize that only real friends will stay in…

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