Social Networking And Social Media

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Social networking sites create an unspoken competition between users which will cause them to experience low self-esteem. For instance, people compete for social capital: relationships with people among a society. Jacob Silverman stated, “If I don’t get ten faves in the first three minutes after tweeting something, I’ll probably just delete it, an amateur comedian told the wall street journal…What the comedian really fears is the loss of followers and social capital” (Silverman 25). When people post on social networking sites and their tweet, status, or picture doesn’t evoke a response within a certain amount of time the author will feel unnoticed by their peers. This “unnoticed” fear causes a decrease in self-esteem because the author…show more content…
A result of this is people are now constantly comparing themselves to others on social networking sites. When people begin comparing themselves to others it lowers the respect they have for themselves and causes feelings of envy towards others.
Social media is a false depiction of real life, and those who do not realize this will face a decline in their self-esteem. One reason for this is social media users have the option of filtering their profiles to appear perfect. According to Amy Gonzales and Jeffery Handcock, people’s social media accounts are a representation of who they are. People who compare their profiles to those who use filters on their profiles tend to experience a decrease in self-esteem (Gonzales and Handcock 82). The use of filtering is a feature of all social networking sites that allows users to create a false representation, a representation that is an illusion of who they really are. Although filtering can be as simple as deleting negative feedback from others, the most commonly seen case of filtering is when people use them on their photos to appear more beautiful. Too many people do not realize that their seemingly perfect image is not reality and try to compare themselves to something that is unachievable in the real world. This causes the people who do not edit their profiles to feel a decrease in their self-confidence. Social media causes people to generate fake connections which can easily

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