Social Networking : Causes And The Harmful Effects Of Social Media

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In today’s society, computers and mobile devices have become a big part of our everyday routine. The internet is also a part that many of us have learned to appreciate. Social media, for instance, is a part of the internet that has created a way for people to communicate across the world. However, our teenagers that have taken on the use of social media to the extent that if it is not monitored properly, it can have some very bad effects on their overall well being. Even though social media is known as a great social network tool, its harm in our society. Teenagers use of social media is of particular importance not only because they are vulnerable, but also because they are among the biggest users of social networking. Teenagers especially are at risk to potential harm by social media usage. One of the biggest harmful effects is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is the use of social media to relate false, hostile for embarrassing information to other people. Some of the major effects of prolonged cyberbullying are with the victims ending up with problems such as: depression, isolation, loneliness, stress, anxiety, low self- esteem, and some may even become suicidal. From my personal experience, particularly “ Snapchat”, has had a very negative effect on my personal life. I first hand have seen and felt the harm and damage it causes on somebody's life. It’s a gateway for many people to bully you without anybody seeing it or knowing anything is going on, whereas “Twitter”
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