Social Networking, E Commerce, Information Systems, It Risk Management Essay

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The purpose of this report is to understand the following topics which are Social networking, E commerce, information systems, IT risk management and how they have influenced the modern day business organizations in terms of Promoting their business through social networks, how important to have a risk management plan in an organization, and how Ecommerce has become essential part of the business, also The value of information system is for the people of the modern world.
Social Networks:-
What are social networks?
Social networking is a plat form, online service or a website which focuses on connecting people who shares common interests and ideas. For an example people who shares common interests, activities back grounds etc. And further the social networks has made much easier to keep in touch with your loved once around the globe. Geocities is rated as the very first social network to launch in the internet in 1994. Since then social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, tweeter has become more popular around the world. (Forbes, 2012)
Why are social networks important to modern business?
Social networks have become an essential part of a business in this modern world today. It help the organizations to network, interact with customers and team members and also to promote the business. (, 2013)

What is Ecommerce?
E-commerce is a commercial transaction that involves transfer of information across the internet. It
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