Social Networking Effects On The Socialization Of People

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What if Facebook was used to its fullest potential? In twelve years the social networking site has surely grown quite a bit from the site intended to allow Harvard students to connect with one another. Today, Facebook is a site filled with advertisements and cheaply made free-to-play games. Cat pictures and cheery posts that say, “Like/share if you love Jesus!” riddle the landscape of a service that is supposed to be actually connecting people. Things like this have led people to lose hope in online social networking. To some it seems like it has become a detriment to society. However, the results of what happens when it is used properly should not be overlooked. Online social networking in general promotes actual relationships and benefits our society by providing a medium perfect for connecting with people in a variety of ways. As with everything, there are those who think differently, believing that social networking has adverse effects on the socialization of people. “It’s still surprising to me, however, this combination of Orwell and WALL-E that has humans watching one another through computer screens and socializing through in quasi-isolation,” remarks an article on (Davis). Those of that opinion think that indirect communication via online social networking will lead to increased isolationist tendencies. While these seem like valid concerns, if anything, those feared online social networks actually help people in social
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