Social Networking : Influence On Psychological Health Of The Young People ( Outline ) Essay

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Social networking: Influence on psychological health of the young people (Outline) I. Introduction: a. Hook: What are the influences the social networking sites have on young people, and how it affects them? (i) Since World Wide Web appeared in the world in the year of 1991, the social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, became popular during the last decade. (ii) The social media is widely used in this generation, as 68% of American adults use Facebook, and 28% of them use Instagram, while 26% for Pinterest, and 21% for Twitter (Greenwood et al.). Besides, the Consumer Reports magazine states that “more than 7 million active users of Facebook were under the minimum required age of 13” and “over 5 million were 10 or younger” (Strom and Strom). (iii) People’s lifestyle is greatly changed through social media activities like posting, commenting and sharing. (iv) As the result, the teenagers and the young adults in this era are bearing many mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, and addiction, due to the social networking. Thus, the psychological health of young people is greatly influenced by social media b. Thesis: The social media have greatly affected the young people’s mental health through decreasing real-life relationship intimacy, facilitating cyberbullying, and leading to internet addiction. II. Body Section 1: As the social networking sites have become a dominant part of young people’s daily life, the quality and the intimacy of their
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