Social Networking Is Beneficial For Students And Grown Ups

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How our world has evolved with social networks The issue that will be discussed has to do with social networking. Social network is highly important because it is used on a daily basis in our surroundings. Technology has progressed throughout the years, and has created many opportunities for students, businesses, and adults to succeed. Almost everyone in the world has access to the Internet or soon will have access to the Internet. This topic is important because many have the image/ belief that social networking is bad, and have debated on what is considered a social network. However, there are proven facts that social networking is beneficial for students and grown ups. People interact in many ways, some by social media, some by phone, some by email, and now we have the advantage of researching and contacting people all over the world, by using social networking sites and programs. Social networking is used every day and in many different ways. Social network providers us with prospering skills that in the long term, it will beneficial for our lives. Social network allows us to communicate across the globe rapidly, helps us gain important skills, and they are educational benefits. The purpose is to inform and educate others about social network about the pros and cons and what is considered a social network. The article that I will be addressing is called, “Social Network. It was last updated on May 24,2015. This article informs others and me about the pros and cons
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